IHR Antonia
Update - September, 2017
IHR Antonia will come available for adoption after weaning her 2017 foal, in October, 2017.  Her groundwork is solid and she'll be starting under saddle training, shortly. 
Update - April 2017
IHR Antonia had an unexpected foal in April, 2017.  We did have her vetted when she was in quarantine, last year, but no stocks were available for a pregnancy check, and she wasn't handle-able enough at the time to be safe without them.
Surprise!  We named him IHR Perfect Storm, or Stormy, for short.  He was born late one stormy night, between rain clouds.  Antonia acted like she'd been through this before and took right to him.  She's been a fantastic mother.  We do not think she is five years old, however, likely over 10 years old. 
IHR Antonia needs a lot of work done with her. It has become necessary for IHR to secure renting or boarding her at a facility for me to be able to continue my work with her. I'd love to turn her into a happy and confident saddle horse so that she is adoptable.

 Saved from slaughter, May 2016
IHR Antonia is a bay roan, approximately 4 year old, Azteca mare, roughly 15 hands.  IHR Antonia has lovely movement, solid conformation, and sensible although she does not want to get close enough to be touched.  She has scars on her face from having had a halter left on.  She has a scar on her left hind.  She appears to not have been handled much at all.  Adoption Fees Apply
To find the adoption application, please follow this link!
 Iberian Horse Rescue saved her life ~ Will you give her a home?