IHR Valentina 
Update - August 2017
We recently learned that HiCaliber Horse Rescue had IHR Valentina humanely euthanized, due to the melanoma in her throat causing her to have extreme difficulty in swallowing.  She was loved and adored by several volunteers there.  This is what HiCaliber's volunteer Stacy shared with us:
"Hello. I wanted to let you know that we helped Valentina over the rainbow bridge. Her days were spent with her girl squad and best friend, a little 14.3 gelding. Her melanoma had spread in her throat making it difficult for her to swallow. She was put to sleep by injection by Dr. Spini. We all made sure she had carrots and knew she was loved before then. Such a sweet girl 😢. She is now in our rainbow herd. Thank you for helping Val, our freckled giraffe, to safety."
IHR's Board of Directors wish to thank all of our members who donated on behalf of IHR Valentina!
 Update - May 2017
IHR Valentina was relinquished to HiCaliber Horse Rescue, Mira Loma, CA, in May 2017 because neither a suitable foster home, nor an adopter came forward for her after over two months of trying, and IHR Board of Directors thought it best that she stayed with HiCaliber Horse Rescue, at the time.  They offered, we accepted as we thought it was best for the horse.
Update - March / April 2017
HiCaliber Horse Rescue has volunteers that will work with Valentina to see what she knows and if she can be ridden.  They are sharing videos with us that prove she is broke to ride.  We are sharing her on our network page and hope that we could find an adopter or foster home situation for her.
 Update - February 2017
Additionally, Valentina is not in foal, not micro-chipped, and has melanomas under her tail, vulva and udder.
Update -February 2017
We were just made aware by phone that HiCaliber Horse Rescue had found an Andalusian mare in CA that needs help.  We are alerting our social media network as soon as possible to begin fund raising efforts to help this horse, and to purchase her.