IHR Trampus was a last-minute save from the ship pen at the SS feed lot, September 14, 2017. 
Pam Nelson of Hidden Pond Farm Andalusians, New Richmond, Ohio, donated his bail to IHR, which allowed us to pay for him.
Members of Iberian Horse Rescue Network, on Facebook, contributed to help us pay for his quarantine, with Kari Robie, Selah, WA.
At the feed lot he was untouchable.
In quarantine, we learned that IHR Trampus was in fact, quite a gentleman.  A little at a time, his real temperament and experience became visible.  He let himself be petted and rubbed on, haltered, groomed, feet picked and trimmed.  And he carried a surcingle and snaffle bit like a pro.
Jen Bainter of Bozeman, MT put in an adoption application with us for IHR Trampus, in early October.
Our board of directors felt they would be a fabulous match...
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On October 25th, IHR volunteers set out to haul IHR Trampus to meet Jen in Cour D'Alene, Idaho, part way to her home in Bozeman, MT.
The right trailer home...
One of the sweetest equine souls to have ever faced the threat of slaughter...

Trampus, the name means,“To fake your own death and then re-appear hours later.”

Those of us at Iberian Horse Rescue look forward to sharing his progress with Jen Bainter.