IHR Thor
Update - November 15, 2017 ADOPTED
Congratulations Daucie W.!!!
Update - October 2017
IHR Thor is available for adoption
Adoption fee - Adoption Pending
IHR Thor is a grey, 14.3 hand, 10 to 12 year old, Azteca gelding.  He is broke to ride, and from what his foster family says he is literally bomb-proof! 
Photos and video courtesy of Sharon and Emily McMurrick, Woodland, WA.
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IHR Thor is in his foster home in Woodland, WA
Here is what his foster mom and rider said about him, "We went on a 30 minute ride around a gravel loop near my house. No spooking, dog ran at us aggressively and he barely flicked an ear. He is dead broke. Stood still when I got on, responded to my leg and hands. Rode near heavy traffic, got off, crossed the busy road and got back on, he was fabulous. Wasn't hesitant, very forward with walk. I trotted a little but it was mostly gravel so only trotted on the areas that were more sand/dirt than gravel. Met people, cars, mailmen, chickens, car parts, hanging laundry, a wedding party and NOTHING fazed him.
Beginner and husband safe!
IHR Thor had been used as a breeding stallion before being gelded this past spring, so he is in need of good fencing and moderate socialization with other horses as he still tends to be aggressive toward other geldings.
Update - September 2017
IHR Thor has had quarantine and is now in rehab with Sharon M. in Woodland, WA.  He has had a hoof trim and is gaining weight.  She plans to ride Thor and see what he knows, soon.