IHR Sparrow
Update - October 2017
IHR Sparrow is now enjoying her new life at Orphan Acres, Inc. in Viola, Idaho.  IHR is grateful for the fantastic care she is getting and Sparrow already has a fan club of her own at Orphan Acres!
Photo courtesy of Orphan Acres, Inc.
Update - September 2017
IHR Sparrow is currently in foster care with Lori Westman Bohn, near Pullman, WA.  Lori had her vetted and it was found that Sparrow was in her mid twenties and had teeth issues which were hindering her abilities to gain weight.  The vet mentioned that the best options to feed Sparrow at this time would be mashes.
Update - August 2017
IHR Sparrow was purchased off the Sunnyside, WA feed lot and is now in quarantine in Prosser, WA.