IHR Davina

Update 9-15-2017:  IHR Davina is not broke to ride. 
Available for Adoption to an experienced horse person as a project horse, September 2017
Adoption application / Fee $To be Determined USD / Adoption fees go toward saving another horse

IHR Davina is a lovely, 15.2 h.h., grey, classically built, said-to-be Lusitano mare. She is approximately 10 years old. IHR Davina was saved from the kill pens in WA State, on Mother's Day in 2017. She went through quarantine, and has been in rehabilitation, since August 2017. Her retraining will begin in September, 2017. IHR Davina is up to date on her vaccinations, de-worming, and hoof trims. She had a Coggins test, July 2017.

IHR Davina's temperament with other horses puts her in the middle of the herd, she is not queen mare, but is not the bottom either. IHR will test you a few times when asking something new of her, but once you prove that you are even-tempered and not rude, then she will put her unquestionable trust in you. IHR Davina is the kind of horse that wants one person to bond with. She is not a one-person horse, she will let others handle her, but on the whole what she wants is her own person to connect with. Iberians are like this - there are none other in the world that compare. The bond you can feel with an Iberian horse is magical, there simply is no other definition.

IHR Davina came into our rescue with excessive hoof length all around and very little handling. She is now very good and relaxed with having her hooves handled and trimmed, but has to have time to heal from deep bruising in her hoof capsules from them having been left overlong for an unknown period of time. Her riding or training history is unknown. She will be evaluated for training in the next two weeks, and will enter retraining soon after the evaluation.


IHR Davina is currently considered a project for an experienced horse person. In her previous life, she was used as a broodmare, but it was said that she did not take her last breeding.

IHR Davina deserves a quality of life worthy of her baroque heritage.
                                Photo taken 9-15-2017 courtesy Tim Britton
Donations are being received for her care and rehabilitation through our Paypal address at info@iberianhorserescue.org. Iberian Horse Rescue is a 501 (c) (3) non profit and donations are tax deductible. Thank you!

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