(pictured left)
Galatea is 15 hands, approximately 11 years old, and is said to be a "high percentage" Andalusian mare. Galatea is a recent intake and has been through quarantine. Galatea is a strikingly elegant horse in the way she carries herself and her overall mannerisms. She is very refined in stature, and extremely personable. Galatea has special needs.  Members of Iberian Horse Rescue on Facebook saw her and voted to save this mare from the horrors of slaughter. This mare is every bit as special as her name, which in Greek Mythology is associated with a maiden carved out of ivory that Aphrodite made come to life.

***UPDATE:  Galatea was humanely euthanized on January 26th, 2016 for the severity of a stifle injury, and her melanoma.  She is forever in our hearts as the pure, sweet soul that she was.
 A special THANK YOU to the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse


 For more information on Galatea, please email us at info@iberianhorserescue and allow up to five (5) business days for us to return your call or email as we are all volunteers. Thank you