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by Rein Lily
Lori, MJ, I can't thank either of you enough for what you both did for Via. I know we all worked together at some point, but you both really came through for her. This was a tough save because the reality is her suffering could have been prevented years before she ever wound up on the feed lot. You can take the tough ones and give them peace, and I, I struggle along with them. Thank you for everything you do. I'm so proud to be able to be of service to the Iberian horse along with you.  May our lovely Via frolic freely in that great pasture in the sky.
by Rein Lily
UPDATE:  With help from the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse and HiCalibur Horse Rescue, IHR saved yet another Andalusian mare!  She was found at Mike's Auction late in the evening, and by midnight we had purchased Dulzura. 
Miracles do happen.  With your help, IHR will have saved two mares in one week.  What an accomplishment.  Updates coming soon.
by Rein Lily
 We are working to save another mare from the Sunnyside, WA kill pens.  Rose is said to be a 3/4 Andalusian mare, around 14.2 hands high and 6 to 8 years old.  She has limited time left on the lot and I hear she is scheduled to ship on the next truck if not purchased.  Rose was put into qt on the lot due to a snotty nose about a month ago, and is now back on the AH site.  Financial contributions will allow us to save her from the horrors of slaughter.  Donations are put towards purchase, transport, vetting and quarantine costs.
by Rein Lily
I got a call mid week from someone with two horses in need of new homes.  It meant the world to me to hear from someone, who, rather than send these horses to an auction or kill buyer, called our rescue.  In his view, and his words, it would be the best place for them.  This humbled me.  But it also made me realize just how much we (the rescue) needs a facility, and we need it now to be able to house these horses that come in.  The best part about these two is that they have not been in a kill pen situation, ie. won't need costly, lengthy quarantine, and that the rescue will have some history on them to share with adopters. 
We are always working behind the scenes, the "scenes" being our Facebook page where we normally network to share Iberian related horses from basically all over.  But where we also rally the most for funds to save horses from our local kill pens or other situations.
On another note, I've been wanting to share with you (readers) just what it was like (for me) to haul horses, purchased by IHR with donated funds, from the kill pens.  Well, when it comes down to it, I almost can't describe it, not with words, it's more of an evolution of feelings, feelings that rush, fill and overwhelm.  Feelings that hit the head of the nail on what is right and what just isn't.  Feelings that, for lack of any better description, trip every emotion at any given time.  It's like watching the birth of a horse, and yet being a part of it at the same time, it's the feelings of giving and of receiving all at once.  Those feelings are waves controlled by the ebb and tide of the feed lot, people's reactions, horse's emotions when they load into the trailer, the tug and pull of them in the trailer when they leave the smells, the fears, their friends behind.  It's the feelings aroused by knowing when the trailer door opens again, that those horses will be re-birthed into a new life, a better life.  Those feelings fill hearts with hope and swell rivers behind eyes of those who care, those who dare to do more, more, and more for these treasured horses who leave hoof prints on our souls.
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Posted by Rein Lily on 16-May-2016 at 15:55:55 EST
Subject: Incredible moments!

Wow! What a month we've had so far! With your help, we've saved two horses from the kill pens, and with the help of HiCalibur Horse Rescue and the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse we saved a registered, PRE mare at auction in CA!<br><br>And, please visit another new sponsor, Double D Trailers! They are supporting horse rescue in a very big way! Check out their write up on us under our Media tab in the menu. :)<br><br>As always, your continued support is crucial to be able to keep doing the work that we do! From all of us at Iberian Horse Rescue - Thank you!

Posted by Sunni Michna on 12-Mar-2016 at 12:06:55 EST
Subject: March...in with a Roar!!

Wow...March has been some month for IHS & friends so far! Stella got her groove on and left Washington for Maine! After being rescued from Sunnyside she spent the past months (since Oct. '15) with Ashley Casey learning how to be a saddle horse. Her adopter, who resides in Maine, spent the time taking riding lessons and learning about Spanish horses. Great Story! Hope to hear more about their meeting and falling in love...<br><br>And then there's Nesto & Alyssia. Both rescued from Sunnyside thanks to Lori Westman Bohn and Teresa Asman. Nesto has already been adopted! He first had to learn how to lead and load and thanks to the girls he did so in record time. They are kind and knowledgeable and he is a little smarty! Congratulations to Erin King Jackson his new mom. Let us hear from you.<br><br>Ali will stay with Lori for a bit more healing. And Rose, who was saved from Sunnyside by IHS this month, was delivered by Rein Lilly to quarantine with Kyyra this week. <br><br>Amazing stories and team work from some powerful, caring There is a place in horsewomen's history for all of you.

Posted by Lori Bohn on 08-Dec-2015 at 20:49:39 EST
Subject: Galatea, Karat & Kiana

Drove to Deer Park on Sunday to pick up Galatea, Karat & Kiana from Abby's. Abby took them in straight from the Sunnyside feedlot as they were sick coming from a feed lot situation. She took great care of them for 6 weeks. All three are healthy & fat. They loaded right up in my 3 horse slant & traveled the 3 hours to Harvard Idaho without any issues. Hope to get some video of them next week to share so they can find loving homes that will cherish & treat them like they deserve.